Project weeks

  • 20. April till 27. April 2019 Project Elbing IX
  • 27. April till 04. May 2019 Project Elbing IX
  • 22. June till 29. June 2019 Project Elbing IX
  • 29. June till 06. July 2019 Project Elbing IX
  • 14. September till 21.September 2019 Project Elbing IX
  • 21. September till 28. September 2019 Project Elbing IX


The Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project is an organization that engages people from many countries who  want to protect the Baltic Sea above and underwater. We work closely with the University of Klaipėda and the relevant ministries. We find and remove lost ghost nets, search, identify and document wrecks to protect them and keep their stories alive. We finance ourselves through donations and public funds.

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